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What Time is Check-In and Check-Out?

The check-in time is from 15:00 until midnight. If arriving later, please let us know in advance. If you arrive earlier, you are welcome to store your bags in the luggage room and use the common facilities. Check out time is at 11:00.

Does the reception have opening hours?

Our front desk is open 24 hours and there will always be someone waiting to welcome you.

Do you offer free Wi-Fi at the hostel?

Yes. We do have free internet access to our guests.

Where is the closest parking to somewhere nice?

Free parking is available on-site. However, space is limited. If you would like to park you car, please book it in advance.

How does Accra’s public transportation operate?

Most Ghanaians travel with what is called ‘tro tro’. There are several stops close to somewhere nice and the receptionists will be happy to explain you. However, for arrival we recommend using taxi.

What do I need to know when taking a taxi in Accra?

The easiest way to move within Accra is using any of the ride-hailing apps available: Uber, Bolt or Yango.

Taxis, however, are also everywhere and are very easy to use. When you go out on the street, several cars will offer their services to you. You need to agree the price before you get in. Our staff will be happy to tell you how much you should pay depending on the area you are heading to.

What is included in the price?

Price includes all taxes: VAT, NIHL and Tourist levy. Breakfast, pool access and wi-fi internet access are also included.

What methods of payment does somewhere nice accept?

You may pay with cash or by credit card. Please note that the official currency in Ghana is the Ghanaian Cedi and, by law, all payments need to be in Cedi. If you pay with card, your bank or card provider may charge you fees for payments in foreign currency and will set their own exchange rates. In exceptional case​s, we may accept payment in cash with US Dollars or Euros, however the price total will be recalculated using an in-house exchange rate.

In case you would need, there are several cash machines (ATM’s) within a 5 minute walk from somewhere nice as well as a forex bureau on our street in case you would like to exchange money.

Does somewhere nice offer breakfast?

Yes. We offer a free all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet from 7 until 11. The breakfast consists of home-made bread, pancakes, eggs, spreads, fresh fruits, coffee, tea and other local products that are being shopped every day from the farmers market.

How safe and secure is somewhere nice?

We maintain high security standards, with 24-hour security staff on-site. Somewhere nice is located in a lively neighborhood which will support the local African atmosphere.

Are the shared dormitories mixed gender?

We have mixed gender dorms as well as a female-only one. But we also offer private rooms when you need more space for yourself.

Is there an age limit at somewhere nice?

No. Shared dormitories, however, have an age restriction from 18 to 39 years old. Younger and older guests are also welcome to stay in private rooms.

If we are travelling as a small group, can we stay together in the same room?

Groups are recommended to book private rooms. When booking single beds in dormitories, we cannot guarantee the beds will be in the same room. If you are travelling in groups, please contact us on info@hostelaccra.com and we will be happy to offer the best solution for your request.

Is there a place to eat and have drinks in somewhere nice?

We offer breakfast in the mornings and we have a pool bar with snack food and drinks available for the evenings. We also have a small guest kitchen in the lounge in case you would like to prepare your own stuff.

Can somewhere nice send me a confirmation letter so that I can apply for a visa?

Yes. Once you have a confirmed reservation, we will be happy to send you a confirmation letter and/or arrange for an invitation letter and second reference.

What is your digital address?

Our Ghanaian Digital Address is ​GA-047-1548.

Can I make a reservation if I do not have credit card?

Reservations need to be secured with a credit card. We will not use your credit card for a pre-payment, but only if our cancellation policies are not fulfilled. In case you do not have a credit card, it is possible to secure your reservation through an advance payment via bank transfer.
In some cases, usually last minute reservations, we may accept reservations without a credit card. This option is only available in certain situations, if it is your case please e-mail us so we can evaluate the possibility, info@hostelaccra.com.

What’s happening in Accra during my visit?

You can follow our Facebook site where we post about interesting happenings around the city. And feel free to stop by at our 24/7 reception where our staff is full of ideas and tips what to do and where to go.

How can I stay connected with somewhere nice?

We are not your one-night-stand kind of place, so let’s stay in touch! Share your stories, advice and travel tidbits with fellow Accra and Ghana explorers, and be the first to know about events, special offers, recent press buzz and more. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram. And, if you’re happy with your stay, don’t forget to leave a review on Tripadvisor.

What are the accommodation fees for children?

We offer one child under the age of 6 to stay for free in existing bedding in private rooms.

Some final but important points to remember!

On occasion, due to the nature of hostels, it can happen that guests need to move rooms during their stay despite our best efforts to limit and avoid such cases.

All bookings must be paid for on arrival or at the time of extension.

We do not allow check out and check in of rooms on the same day, unless there is no other option available. i.e. no bed/room hopping!
We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave if we feel they are disturbing the general operation of the hostel, other guests or our staff.

We kindly ask guests for understanding.

Anything else we can help you with?